Fred the G. Sanford.
Fred the G Sanford

Ha ha ha let's laugh

LOL. Listen carefully is the morale here.
LOL Listen carefully is the morale here

Angela Able
THINK, we're losing either way.
THINK we're losing either way

American News X

Play responsibly regulary. Social meeting place.
Play responsibly regulary Social meeting place

NC Sweepstakes

Somebody is checking ours too. Be careful of what you say. No threats, name call all we want. They will infiltrate certain groups with their folks. THINK.
Somebody is checking ours too Be careful of what you say No

US border patrol is checking people's Facebook for political views
Ronald Ardrey
Good one !!
Good one

Laugh OR Croak

Angela Able
Veronica Rayford
NICE, and the fish ain't bad either. Just saying. You are correct Genie.
NICE and the fish ain't bad either Just saying You are correct Genie

Flathead Catfish Hunters

David Bennett
CHITLINS, yeah !!

Louisiana Swamp Donky

Jackie Lindsay
Renee Carter
Do it people, twice for effect. LOL.
Do it people twice for effect LOL

Mean Left Hook Politics