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Candide Thovex

Ski the World
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1Ariana Grande

7 Ringsflac

Ariana Grande.2019.Writer: Ariana Grande;Richard Rodgers;TBHits;Njomza;Michael "Mikey" Foster;Kaydence;Tayla Parx;Scootie;Oscar Hammerstein II;Victoria Monét.
2Alan Walker


Alan Walker.2018.Writer: Alan Walker;Lars Kristian Rosness;Magnus Bertelsen;K-391;Didrik Handlykken;Marcus Arnbekk.
3Alec Benjamin

Let Me Down Slowlyflac

Alec Benjamin.2019.Writer: Alec Benjamin;Sir Nolan;Michael Pollack.
4Alan Walker

Lost Controlflac

Alan Walker.2018.Writer: Alan Walker;Thomas Troelsen;Mood Melodies;Sorana;Fredrik Borch Olsen;Magnus "Magnify" Martinsen.
5Skylar Grey

Everything I Needflac

Skylar Grey.2018.Writer: Elliott Taylor;Rupert Gregson-Williams;Skylar Grey.

Hello My Loveflac

Westlife.2019.Writer: Steve Mac;Ed Sheeran.
7Post Malone


Post Malone.2018.Writer: Carl Rosen;Louis Bell;Billy Walsh;Carter Lang;Swae Lee;Post Malone.
8Sam Smith

Fire On Fireflac

Sam Smith.2018.Writer: Steve Mac;Sam Smith.
9Alan Walker

Different Worldflac

Alan Walker.2018.Writer: Shy Nodi;Alan Walker;Fredrik Borch Olsen;James Njie;Marcus Arnbekk;Gunnar Greve Pettersen;K-391;Corsak;Shy Martin;Magnus Bertelsen.
10Conor Maynard

Way Back Home (Sam Feldt Edit)flac

Conor Maynard.2018.Writer: Ji Hye Lee;Shaun.
11League Of Legends


League Of Legends.2019.Writer: Riot Music Team;Alex Seaver of Mako.

Dancing With A Strangerflac

Normani.2019.Writer: Mikkel S. Eriksen;Tor Hermansen;Jimmy Napes;Normani;Sam Smith.
13Imagine Dragons


Imagine Dragons.2019.Writer: Dan Reynolds;Lil Wayne;Wayne Sermon;Ben McKee;Daniel Platzman;Robin Fredriksson;Mattias Larsson;Justin Tranter.
14Alan Walker

I Don't Wanna Goflac

Alan Walker.2018.

Face My Fearsflac

Skrillex.2019.Writer: Poo Bear;Skrillex;Utada Hikaru.

Give You Upflac

Dido.2019.Writer: Simon Hulbert;Rob Agostini;Danny Tucker;Dido.

Never Let You Goflac

Slushii.2019.Writer: Sofía Reyes;Slushii;Aviella Winder.
18Alora & Senii

Love U Soflac

Alora & Senii.2019.Writer: Alora & Senii.
19The Chainsmokers


The Chainsmokers.2018.Writer: Kate Morgan;Chris Lyon;Alex Pall;Andrew Taggart.
20Mike Perry


Mike Perry.2019.Writer: Andreas Wiman;Dimitri Vangelis;Richard Müller;Sasha Rangas;Stefan Van Leijsen;Mike Perry.

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